Regret turned to despair when I realized what this guy's job must be like. He sits in a large room, probably in some small town like Ellis, Kansas, where they view Best Buy as a big city intrusion, and the town lawyer ("Jimmy") also sells light bulbs. And this guy answers phones from angry idiots all day,…

» 3/12/15 3:42pm 3/12/15 3:42pm

You dont like Winkelmann? I think he has panache only a german in italian clothes can muster. While I feel the Huracan is hampered due to its design and overall safety focus, I really think the issues are comming from Audis board of directors and not Winkelmann himself. » 3/06/15 4:38pm 3/06/15 4:38pm

cloth inserts are always grippier than leather. Alcantara being grippier than both. I have full leather nappa seats in my e46 m3, and my buddy who has manual cloth seats (inset is cloth, outer still leather) are much better at gripping my butt and back. » 3/06/15 11:31am 3/06/15 11:31am

Under 43k? Honestly get an STi new and dont worry yourself with out of warranty repair costs from a german mfg, especially if you are just graduating. Additionally you are young enough you can pull off the STI look without being too douchey. » 3/05/15 11:39am 3/05/15 11:39am